Custom Patterns and Reproductions
We offer a multitude of patterns and options with our standard wallpaper collections at the Detroit Wallpaper Co. Should you need something specific we are still here to help. We can create a unique pattern and colorway for you on spec, or use your own sketches as inspiration to create exactly what you are looking for. 

For custom colorway options, please contact us *HERE*

We can also use out-of-print designs to recreate something no longer available. Please send us a cutting that comprises a complete repeat, and we will do the rest. We are able to achieve a close reproduction that is almost indistinguishable from the original. The only limitation we have is we are unable to produce flocked or embossed design elements; however, we can make what was once old unusable, look new and improved though.

Photographic Wall Murals
Photographic wall murals can be transformative in any space.  Most images can be turned into a breath-taking mural; however, there are a few exceptions. A quality high resolution digital photo file will produce a final mural that clear and crisp. We can also start with an original photographic print which we scan into the computer with our state of the art large-format scanner. Once we have a quality high resolution digital file, we can crop the artwork to the final dimensions and proportions of the wall, and even create a digital mockup on a photo of the final installation location for proofing and approval. If you don’t have an image of your own, your source art is not of high enough quality, or maybe you just have a concept for your mural, we can source an image from a wholesaler we already have a relationship with.

Custom Designed Murals
The words "custom" and "bespoke" mean the same thing, but bespoke also refers to a commissioned design prepared by an artisan. We at The Detroit Wallpaper Company have been creating one-of-a-kind bespoke murals for clients since our beginning in 2004, when we were working under the name, Greatwall Custom Coverings. We have been employing the computer as well as classic artistic techniques to generate murals that are made specifically for any given project. Generally, we use the client’s source material, artistic inspiration, or even a corporate logo as a jumping off point for the final design. Photographic wall murals have been a large part of this type of work for us. We can source an image for you, or create it from scratch. When talking about photographic murals the artwork has to be of high enough quality to reproduce at the inflated scales we commonly work with.

Some examples of things we’ve done in the past would be, photographic murals in color or black and white, turning maps into wallpaper, creating a trompe l’oiel effect to transport the viewer, collages of images, abstract designs, and even museum installations. Dream big! We love a good challenge. Contact our office, and let us help you with your passion project.