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Tapestack - Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Full sheet measures 25" x 51", which includes 1/2" of overlap on all sides for easy pattern match up and seam integrity. 

Sample measures 8" x 10". 

Peel and stick wallpaper is the most effortlessly simple way to give new life to your walls! No paste, no mess, and no professional installer required. Simply peel off the backing paper, position, smooth down and enjoy! Perfect not only for walls, but wood, glass, or any smooth surface that needs some wow factor.


As the compact disc claimed dominance in the early ‘90s, the cassette tape looked like it was doomed to outdated forms of musical technology such as the eight-track. However, the cassette is in the midst of a renaissance, with emerging bands choosing the cassette as a platform to share their songs and mixtapes. Tapestack unabashedly gives a shout out to all those cassette enthusiasts out there, young and old.e. 


    For real, beautifying your room with peel and stick wallpaper is the easiest and most dramatic way to completely transform your space.  

    • Made to order, ships in 2 weeks or less from time of order.
    • Proudly designed & produced in the USA with non-toxic and highly durable eco-friendly inks & material.
    • Satisfaction guaranteed! 
    • Staff on hand to assist with orders Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST toll free at 877-544-1054.

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