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$3.79 per SQFT Retail

Our most cost-effective and versatile material. This wallpaper is pre-pasted for the DIY installer, or may be pasted with pre-mixed clear adhesive by professional installers. Contains 10% post-consumer waste. Flat, non-textured face with satin-matte finish. Available in 24” or 48” wide roll widths.


$7.50 per SQFT Retail

Our most high-end offering. Luxurious subtle metallic silver ground with chunky natural sisal weave laminated overtop. Any color and pattern printed on this material takes on a metallic sheen. Rated for residential installation only. Available in 34” wide roll width.


$6.43 per SQFT Retail

With the same durability of our Commercial Grade wallcovering, but with a metallic sheen. The metallic sheen is like a brushed metal with a subtle glow as opposed to a high shininess of a foil. Any color and pattern printed on this material takes on a metallic sheen. Available in 24” or 48” wide roll widths.


$5.44 per SQFT Retail

Suitable for either residential or commercial installs with subtle watercolor paper-like texture. Ideal for high traffic and high humidity areas. Contains 30% post-consumer waste with LEED points. Available in 24” or 48” wide roll widths.


$5.44 per SQFT Retail

Synthetic poly-blend wallcovering with a repositionable adhesive. Perfectly suited for apartment dwellers or those desiring a non-permanent installation. As long as the wall is cleaned before install, this material may be moved and re-used numerous times.

House of Soul // Heidelberg Project

In 1986, Tyree Guyton began transforming his blighted childhood neighborhood in Detroit with art. Vacant lots became his canvas; abandoned homes were embellished with a vibrant, colorful palette, rising above Heidelberg St. as enormous sculptures. With continued community support, the Heidelberg Project incorporated and eventually become a non-profit, continuing the mission of transforming neighborhoods through art. A portion of proceeds from the Heidelberg Project Wallpaper Collection directly benefit the Heidelberg foundation, funding art outreach and various creative programming. Reinterpreting the works of Tyree at the Heidelberg Project as wallpaper patterns has been an exciting process for us, and we hope you enjoy the energy and creativity that was inspired by this beguiling arts district in Detroit.

House of Soul_001
House of Soul_002
House of Soul_003
House of Soul_004

Wallpaper is priced by the single roll and sold in double roll increments.
$75.80 PER ROLL
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